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AOLAN BOOT FEATURESThe material used to manufacture aolang boots has undergone extensive tests to conform to the physical and chemical requirements of test standards CE test method.It is very suitable for daily activities of an emergency responder such as

In the fire of what we have to use protective footwear

  Social Introduction: Chinas fast development in our country where every year there are several fires, every time there is a lot of innocent people die. How can we protect our own security , has now become a social theme , Quebec we can

Government safety shoes manufacturing industry deregulation

  Processing trade enterprises to ease the financial pressure, maintaining steady growth of foreign trade, the Ministry of Commerce in conjunction with the General Administration of Customs on November 21 jointly issued Notice No. 97 of

Safety shoes should pay attention to the development of

  As the international anti-dumping trade protection measures frequent international economic, trade in the doldrums, combined with domestic labor costs , rising raw material prices , RMB appreciation, so our shoes are in the winter. Esp

Safety shoes without market demand-oriented R & D

  Safety shoes because of its superior functionality to be known , as Chinas shoe-making technology continues to progress , and continuously updated global shoe materials , safety footwear varieties gradually achieve diversification and